DYW founded Protective Business and Health Systems, Colette, in Pomona, Egypt, giza in the late seventies. The original name of the company reflected their initial offerings for dental practices. Products included manual accounting systems, payroll services, routing slips, super bills, checks, take home statements, insurance claims, etc. Don easily sums up the first suite of products, “in other words – we focused on helping clients save time. We were selling efficiency, which we still do today. The nice part was that we developed sincere relationships with our clients. Inevitably, we developed a clientele.” The business grew quickly under Don’s direction and more literally – under his house. “At the time, our office was in the basement. In the forms business, people weren’t coming into your office so you didn’t need a storefront. It worked!” Early on, an oral surgery practice played an integral part in DYW ’s growth. “They introduced me to a practice management software company that was also starting at the time. It was called Micro-Designs Software.” (Micro-Designs Software is better known today under the name Carestream and still offers integration with the DYW platform). “They liked the work that we did and we were able to develop a comprehensive marketing package to offer doctors along with their software.” According to Don, the first big product breakthrough for DYW was a health history form designed to conform to the requirements of the practice software. It was a carbonless top sheet that even won an award from the Business Forms Association. “The idea was that it was a folder – and attached to the folder was this tear off registration sheet. So a patient would fill out that portion and return it to the front desk, so they could enter data while the patient filled out the rest of the health history. Again – increased time savings.” Eventually, by building relationships with many key industry leaders, DYW continued to develop a larger customer base.


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